How to RSVP and Pay

Since postponed our 50th reunion, you may have already purchased your tickets and/or made a donation.  We have held those funds in our bank account; however, if you received a refund, please email janfoy@gmail.com to make new payments arrangements.  

The "Yes" and "Maybe" RSVP list have remained the same; however, the "No" list was reset.

Reunion Committee

Jan Morris-Foy

Andrea Churan-Fogleman

Doris Bonifacio-Perry

Karen Cox-Cook

Diane Langner-Schoelles (Class of '75 - Consultant)

Classmates Indicating "Yes"

Robert Baker (PAID)

David Bierwirth (PAID)
Deborah Blamer 
Karen Bloomberg (PAID)
John Bogdanowicz + guest 
Doris Bonifacio (PAID) +

  Kathy Bonifacio ('71)
Reta Box

Gordon Busch (PAID)

Hyla Campbell (PAID)

Richard Caruso 
Andrea Churan + Eric Fogleman (PAID)
Randy Clayton
Karen Cox (PAID)
Randi Crabtree (PAID)
Carla Craig 
Kathy Davis 
David Diggs + guest
Cindi Dockins
Nancy Donart
Ronald Drost (PAID)
Karen Eggersman 

Christine Evans 

Shirley Fitzgerald + guest 

Jennifer Gallaher
Teri Gilbert + Darrell Wooton (PAID)
Becky Graham + guest 

Karen Griggs
Michael Hanna

Thomas Hayden (PAID)
William Hoy (PAID)
Steven Kelch + Pam Kelch (PAID)

Robert Ketcherside (PAID)

Bob Kim (PAID)

Gary Klingelsmith 
Diane Langner ('75) + George Schoelles (PAID)
Cindy Laughery 

Craig Liedahl
Jeanne Lipschultz

Martha Mader

Fred Magnani

Rudy Mahal + Noel Mahal (PAID)
Robert Manazer

Richard Mandel

William Mann (PAID)
John Marshall ('69) + guest

Diane McCartney
Brenda McLain + guest
Penny Moore (PAID)
Jan Morris + guest (PAID)
Amy Morrison

Steve Morse
Debra Neu + Richard Robb (PAID)
Jennifer New
Bill Ossiginac + guest
Shari Palmer (PAID)
Peter Parise + Kat Parise (PAID)
Chris Pauly + Cynthia Pauly (PAID)
Kathleen Porter + Thomas Collins (PAID)
Greg Putnam + guest
Dena Ralston

Kristen Rater-Warner (PAID)

Richard Runkle + Diane Runkle (PAID)
David Salisbury (PAID)

Ray Spagnuolo (PAID)

Shelley Simanson
Rebecca Standley + Robert Wendt

Lorraine Stinson + Doug Stinson

Ellen Sturmer
Janine Swanson (PAID)

Shari Thompson 

Robert Thrasher (PAID)

Thomas Vetter
David Wilson + Cindy Wilson (PAID)

Wendy Winn + Ned Beadel (PAID)
Robert Winnick

Classmates Indicating "Maybe"

Betsy Belote

Gaye Breyman

Michael Cramer

Debra Daniel
Nancy Davis

Jackie Fisk

Jeff Garrett

Kurt Goss
Jeri Hajek
Carl Harrison
Gary Harvey

Patricia Hughes

Connie Hunsinger

Robert Hurley
Noreen Kolstad 

Janie Lewis + guest

Frank Long

Kathryn Long
Tom McClung
Robin McKay

Diane Miller
Thomas Miller

Larry Myers 

Kelly Partridge
Catherine Phoenix

Dawn Pilotte

John Pirozzi + guest

Donna Polaski

John Quint

Roy Rinker + Little Sister
Joyce Sandstedt

Charles Scott

Lonnie Selstad
James Spirlong

Richard Steiner

James Tournay

Raymond Treamont
Richard Vince

As of 10/28/2020


Loara HS 50th Reunion